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Daniel MacPherson plays Joel Samuels
Joel lives at #30 with Toadie and Lance. He is studying Marine Bio at Uni and is a scuba diving instructor. He is currently dating Flick Scully.

Daniel's nick name is Mecca.

Daniel's favorite food is mangos.

Joel had a crush on Libby when he arrived to Ramsay Street.

Soft like a Teddy Bear!!!

Nutty Cute!

Nice Speedo Baby!!!

Daniel's a Taurus.

Daniel's birthday is April 25, 1980.

Joel's first day on Ramsay Street.

Joel almost drowned but Karl saved him!

Magazine Article.

Daniel competed in Triathlon's in school.

Daniel has a dog and a rabbit.

Muscle Men!

Daniel has his right nipple and left earlobe peirced.

Daniel loves to cycle, swim and jog.

Joel liked Steph when she arrived to Ramsay Street.

Daniel's favorite band is Pear Jam.

Daniel is preforming in Godspell in England.

Joel met Malcome overseas.

Daniel is a NSW Champion. (triathlon)

Party Boy!

Mountain climber!

His resume pic!

Magazine Article.

Striping for Charity!

Nice Bum!!!

Nice Bod!

Daniel is 21 years old.

Joel was the "Prince of TV" in 2000.