Drew, Paul & Tad

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Dan Paris plays Drew Kirk. Jansen Spencer plays Paul McClain. Jonathan Dutton plays Tad Reeves.
Drew is engaged to Libby. Paul is a footy player. Tad just quit school and works for Joe Scully.

Dan Paris

Dan's birthday is June 15, 1973.

Drew Kirk 1
Dan's a photographer.
Drew Kirk 2
Dan's a gemini.
Drew Kirk 3
Dan lives with his girlfriend of 3 years.
Drew Kirk 4
Mr.Sexy Underwear Man!
Jansen Spencer
Jansen played Prince Charming in Snow White on stage in England.
Paul McClain
Jansen's Birthday is May 25, 1981.
Paul McClain 2
Jansen enjoys swimming, surfing, rollerblading and skateboarding.
Paul McClain 3
Jansen Spencer and Jesse Spencer are not related.
Jonathan Dutton
Jonathan's nick name is Jono.
Tad Reeves 1
Jonathan's birthday is August 23, 1980.
Tad Reeves 2
Opps! Caught yah naked!
Tad Reeves 3
Wayne "Tadpole" Reeves.
Dr.Darcy Tyler
Played by Mark Raffety.
Darcy is Susan's nephew.