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Erinsborugh, Melborne AUSTRALLIA.
Cast members not mention on the previous pages.

Susan Kennedy
Played by Jackie Woodburne.
Principal at Erinsborough High.
Dr.Karl Kennedy
Played by Alan Fletcher.
Cheated on Susan with Sarah Beaumont.
Joe and Lyn Scully
Played by Shane Conner and Janet Andrewartha.
Joe's a carpenter and Lyn's a hairdresser.
Harold and Madge Bishop
Played by Ian Smith and Anne Charleston.
Owners of The Coffee Shop.
Lou and Lolly Carpenter
Played by Tom Oliver and Jiordan Anna Tolli.
Lou jointly owns the garage with Drew and is the #30 owner and landlord.
The Handcocks
They will be coming soon to Ramsay Street (in Canada). From left to right - Emily, Matt, Leo, Evan and Maggie.
Matt Hancock
Played by Stephen Hunt.
Cute boy coming soon to Ramsay Street!